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'Relaxed British Tapas Restaurant- classics served in a modern way with the best of local suppliers'

Bread and Pullet is a stylish, relaxed British tapas restaurant.
Visit Bread and Pullet to enjoy classic British dishes served the Bread and Pullet way. At Bread and Pullet our menu reflects our customers choice and always have meaty specials so you might never get a chance to sample every dish. That’s the Bread and Pullet challenge. 

At Bread and Pullet we try to showcase the best of our local suppliers, craft beers and British spirits.  Not only that but everything we serve at Bread and Pullet is freshly made by
Chef Jen Bowmaker and her team. They are home-grown too!
It you enjoy something a little different or just like to have a graze amongst friends, Bread and Pullet is for you. 
You can find the Bread and Pullet British Tapas restaurant on the Wellingborough Road in Northampton, at number 176 to be precise or call the team on 01604 638520 to find out more and to reserve your table. Or just rock up and take your chance… if you are pretty laid back then at Bread and Pullet, we are happy to be laid back too.

Why Bread and Pullet?   We liked the old saying ‘Bread and Pullet’.  In fact we chose the name Bread and Pullet specially, it reflects family dining. Come and see us at Bread and Pullet and hear our story.  Our name is a little bit out of the ordinary….just like us.  See you soon then.

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